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AVR-12 No SF6 solid insulated electrical switchgear RMU 11kV 12kV
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  • AVR-12 intelligent compact No SF6 solid insulated electrical switchgear RMU 11kV 12kV

    AVR series intelligent compact solid insulated electrical switchgear is developed and manufactured by NCE which has proprietary intellectual property right, according to the development requirement of intelligent power grid, adopting the design concepts of “Intelligent, Energy saving, Eco friendly, Maintenance free”. It is the domestic initiative intelligent permanent magnetic vacuum switchgear, gathering the functions of measurement, control, protection and communication, a very high intelligent degree. This product is suitable for 50Hz, 12kV, 24kV, 40.5kV power system, widely used in industrial and residential cable looped networks and power supply terminal projects. It is the first choice equipment to ensure the safe, reliable, economical, high efficient operations of power grid.

    NameUnitWorking condition
    Ambient air temperatureMax temperature+70
    Min temperature-50
    Max daily   temperature differenceK30
    Solar radiation intensityW/cm20.1
    Pollution degree

    Icing thicknessmm
    HumidityDaily relative humidity average%≤100
    Monthly relative humidity average≤95
    Earthquake tolerance abilitydegree≤8






  • Rated voltagekV12
    Rated currentA630/1250
    Rated frequencyHz50/60
    1min power frequency withstand voltage (to earth/ between open contacts)kV 42/48
    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (to earth/ between open contacts)kV75/85
    Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20/25
    Rated short circuit closing current (peak value)kA50/63
    Rated short time withstand current (4s)kA20/25
    Rated peak value withstand currentkA50/63
    Rated short circuit breaking timestime30
    Operation mechanism
    Magnetic actuator/Spring
    Mechanical life of vacuum circuit breakertime10000(30000 magnetic actuator)
    Mechanical life of isolating/grounding switchtime3000
    Shell protection grade
    Operation sequence of circuit breaker
    Rated operating powerAC/DC 220

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    Main functions:

    - Protection function: Automatically identify fault current, fast break transient current, fast break time limited current, timed overcurrent, directional overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, single-phase grounding protection in low current grounding system, cooling load operation restrain break, etc.

    - Measurement function: Measure 3-phase current, 3-phase voltage, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, peak/trough energy, power factor and frequency, etc.

    - Control function: Local and long-distance remote control, realize fault location of line automatically according to requirements, isolating fault and recover the non-fault line power supply fast, load shedding automatically at low frequency, capacitor automatic switch, backup power automatic switch, etc.

    Main characteristics:

    - Vacuum extinction, solid insulation, no oil, no SF6, no environmental pollution, no explosion or gas leakage possibility, meet environmental requirements.

    - Fully enclosed water-proofing design. No high voltage conductor exposed. Especially suitable for damp area or flood-prone area. Stably supply power when used in damp or submerse condition.

    - Operation mechanism can be spring mechanism or permanent magnet mechanism according to customers’ habits and actual requirements.

    - Isolating/grounding switch is integrated with circuit breaker in design. It has compact structure and reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking design programs. It can prevent maloperation effectively.

    - Adopt fast algorithm with national patent technology (patent number: ZL200720037710.7) so as to obtain fast breaking capacity for circuit breaker. As a result, it can isolate fault circuit rapidly. If we take 12kV circuit breaker as an example, it takes less than 25ms from inspecting fault to cut out fault circuit. It can avoid the problem of override trip effectively. 

    - Adopt single-phase grounding protection system with national patent technology (patent number: ZL201020178325.6). It can realize online judgment to single phase grounding fault of low current grounding system without adding device. Releases warning or tripping action according to setting value

    - Apply the most advanced embedded operation system currently; adopt dual CPU structure, including ARM9 for general processing and system control, and strong DSP with high efficiency processing on multitasking; and realize high speed data processing, control and communication. 

    - Equipped with complete power indicator and position indicator.

    - Modularized design which can be expandable freely according to requirements.

    - Compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

    - Visible open contacts, meets safety standard.

    - Automatically identify power supply mode, switch between dual power supply flexibility, increase the stability of power supply.

    - Flexible communication methods; support GSM short message, GPRS, CDMA general wireless business, optical fiber, twisted-pair, wireless, carrier wave and other communication ways, and support various communication agreements.

    - Adopt temperature measurement and modification technology so as to make the switch device operate reliably and stably under different environment conditions across the country.

    - Friendly operation interface of controlling system; Chinese/English version system; convenient and fast to set parameters. Humanized HMI port is provided to realize parameter setting and motion record searching conveniently. It has data record function which can reserve latest 256 data records, operations and fault information.

    - Intelligentization function: Comprehensively analyze online power network parameter, online monitor performance characteristics of circuit breaker, online program, realize switch device long distance control and management when cooperating with power distribution automation system main substation, realize onsite, remote or hierarchical control type power distribution automation system functions.

    - Data record function: Reserve latest 256 data records, operations and fault information, etc.

    Optional functions:

    - Backup power automatic control cabinet can be optionally chosen to realize automatic switch between dual power supply lines.

    - Super capacitor or storage battery (lead-acid or Li battery) can be optionally chosen for backup power.

    - Fault oscillogram record function can be realized to keep the latest 50 data record.

    - Automatic re-close function can be optionally chosen.

    - GSM mobile SMS function can be optionally chosen to send switch motion information to designated users.

    - Optionally provide GPRS communication and optic fiber communication according to customers’ requirements, Chinese and English SMS is available. Provide RS232/RS485 and RJ45 Ethernet port, communication protocol can be equipped flexibly according to requirements, many kinds of communication protocols and derivate protocols are supported like 101, 104, etc.

    - Synchronous close-open technology: search zero-cross point according to load characteristics, self-adapt discreteness of switch parameter and effect of environmental factors, realize synchronous close-open, restrain operation overvoltage and close inrush, effectively, especially suitable for switch capacitor and transformer.

    - Cable terminal temperature measurement device can be optionally chosen. (wired, wireless, infrared programs for options)

    - Three shell materials (SMC, stainless steel, GRC) for options to meet different areas requirements.

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